February 2023

I wish we had gotten a little real winter here in New York City. For the first couple of days a snowfall can be so magical. But instead, we had a constant up and down that has confused us all and especially our taste buds! Are we braising and roasting? Beef Stew or steak on the grill? Lobster salad? We cannot decide what to eat and on an odd warmish day I find myself tempted by the asparagus…but I resist. There is nothing like the taste of foods that are in season at the right time of the real season to showcase their talents and flavors. So, I twiddle my thumbs and continue to enjoy all of the comfort foods that keep us cozy in the winter months. Chip uses our little porch as his “refrigerator” for things too big for the typical NYC apartment refrigerator…surprised the local varmints never discovered our overnight stash!

food chilling on our porch grill
food chilling on our porch grill

While we are still a little footloose and without the daily “work” schedule we are getting to seriously enjoy our lovely city. Chip continues to have cameras packed and out to Central Park to capture anything he finds to be cool. Flaco, the escaped owl from the Central Park Zoo, stayed too high up for him to get a shot, but the crowds around his various roosting spots were fun conversation for him. We took the car out for a spin for 2 reasons of discovery. First, Utopia Bagels in Queens. Crispy, dense, wonderful bagels. And then out to the North Shore because I wanted to see where one of my most favorite paintings was created, Eaton’s Neck, Long Island.


This year is the first year to not be presenting a Valentine’s Menu to my sweetheart guests. I do still compose the menu in my head and remember all of the treasures Chip would do that are still lingering on palates. Seafood Nage, Love Letter herb imprinted pasta, Trio of Oysters, Soft Scrambled Egg with Caviar, Chestnut Veloute, Seared Foie Gras a la Orange…Pheasant with Truffles, Butter Poached Filet with Pommes Dauphine, Lobster with Gnocchi…if we got lucky he would offer Gran Marnier Souffle for dessert. Plus Dacquoise, Polonaise, Poached Quince and Vanilla Cream Tart, Chocolate Alhambra…and then he would make Passion Fruit Pates des Fruits as the end treat to take home. Fingers crossed let us all look to next year to celebrate together again. Yummy.

For wines this month I am enjoying an evening of Viognier from different countries with Amy Kim and her husband Gabe. Of course Condrieu. And then to shake things up we added Lebanon, Italy, Greece, California. Chip graced us by whipping up his Chicken Liver Terrine and Bread n’Butter pickles to pair with. And Gabe decided to throw his hat in the cooking ring and cooked Braised Pork…and it was perfect. Good friends, good food, good wine…and that, is that!!

Keep all fingers crossed for news about a new and exciting adventure that we hope to announce in the March newsletter…whew!

With love,

–Chip and Tina
Floating Fabric Blossoms from Lincoln Center

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