love, life and the pursuit of…

I guess we can no longer say Incognito…

Chip and I are seem to be destined to always do what we have always done. And now, in a neighborhood that holds so much historical value. The buildings, the cobbled streets, dare I say, the Ghostbusters Firehouse?!?

We are fortunate to have this opportunity to once again share with you the deliciousness that is Chip in the kitchen, an elegant and almost finished dining room that holds a welcome warmth and comfort and of course, my leave your cellphone in your pocket conversation…have you missed us?
At least the first two will make up for the dinosaur brain that is me!

I have the fresh Reservation Book open, my pencils sharpened, staff swinging into step and wines being slowly put together. So excited to open that door soon and see all of your smiling beautiful faces.

This will continue to be the website moving forward. Still CHIPANDTINANYC, incognito or not. I will offer updates to our progress, but look towards the end of September as a slightly underground only those who know really know, opening.

—Chip & Tina

239 West Broadway



Tribeca Citizen
The New York Times

Conversations Continued

November 2023

I actually think that the month of October sprouted beautiful wings and flew right over our heads!! And a magnificent and exciting October it was for us and our new, almost fully hired, team at Eulalie, the new home for me and Chip. Every week, we are able to get...