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We are officially open with our usual schedule of Tuesday through Saturdays in our new “home” in Tribeca. So looking forward to seeing our guests from before and welcoming new guests from our super groovy neighborhood. Of course, thank goodness Chip has an inner groovy and I can just keep being so very uncool!

One of our wonderful guests suggested an explanation for the name choice…Eulalie.
Though there are many references that our guests are sharing with us, it is a little more personal. In North Carolina we had the pleasure of a simply delicious wine from Cahors, Chateau de Cenac, single vineyard “Eulalie.”

When we opened our sweet little gem on the Upper East Side I searched and searched for it, but it was not available here in the city. Not that it is the most prestigious or complex wine, it was just an elegant, drinkable Cahors, which can sometime be a little brambly. Chip and I were struggling to come up with a name for our new spot that would also not sound too fluffy or too “not us”, having not much success.

I attended a wine tasting in the Spring and lo and behold, there was another wine being poured, by a woman and young winemaker, and it so brought to my tastebuds the same sensation of my Cahors I missed that I asked them if they had heard of it…funny. The woman laughed and said, “I am Eulalie, and my husband made that wine for me!” I am a sucker for a romantic notion for all things in life. So, as simple as that. Now all I need is to keep them on my radar to bring my Eulalie back to us to showcase at the restaurant.

Not that I mind the other references…Edgar Allen Poe, Proust, the mayor’s wife in The Music Man.


Come and spend an evening with us. You know that we are happy to see you.

—Chip & Tina

239 West Broadway

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May & June 2024

Chip and I are stunned to glance at our calendar and realize it has been a year since we first sat in this new space and tried to see how the shape and energy would unfold. A year! And, of course, it seems like yesterday that the wonderful Simone was still just so....


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