love, life and the pursuit of...

So, okay, we are awake! And as this next chapter unfolds for us (more to share soon) Chip and I continue to add chapters to a life that has been filled with incredible flavor, friendships, harmony, turbulence and pinch ourselves, luck.

A life fulfilled is like a recipe handed down through generations. Add a pinch of that, increase a dash of that, change the zig to zag. And with each dish comes the new taste of what is the now, along with the memory of what was then.

We will look forward to having you join us in our new adventure. Creating the experience, what we like to call the “happy”, for our amazing guests is what drives us to never fully be satisfied and to look to each day as a new day. An opportunity to discover what could be.

Remember, take good care of yourselves and those around you,

—Chip & Tina

Conversations Continued

February 2023

I wish we had gotten a little real winter here in New York City. For the first couple of days a snowfall can be so magical. But instead, we had a constant up and down that has confused us all and especially our taste buds! Are we braising and roasting? Beef Stew or...

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