April May 2023

I spent the month of April gathering all of the materials necessary for the submission to the NY State Department of Liquor for our license application…I am not making that up, the entire month! Like writing a novella. The cat is out of the bag, as they say. We are going to be opening in a space that has an intense restaurant history. We hope that we can only add our own brand of joy to the spirits of the ghosts of restaurant past. And big ghosts they are! What was formerly Montrachet, Corton and most recently Batard. Tribeca…me, downtown? Chip is thrilled. I think he has been trying to get downtown since we met. At least there is one groovy hip one between the two of us.
food chilling on our porch grill
New York is full on springing into outdoor weather time. Parks are overflowing, both sides of the rivers are packed with bikes, scooters, walkers, sitters (like me!). The small space of the city apartment turns into all of the city for the next few months. Chip thinks back to the Outer Banks and our first little adventure. The term “dawn patrol” was certainly different then than it is now…surfing, then/baking, now!
Art Bath has continued to be an inspired event to attend this Spring. Looking forward to what the Fall brings with this dynamic team of burgeoning producers, unfolding their creative selves, gifting us with the monthly Salon of performance at the historic Blue Building. Do get on the website and see what they are up to. If you want to be a supporter, hey, that would be awesome too!

I had the luxury of having an afternoon of proper Tea at one of our guest’s apartments recently. And I do mean, proper. Champagne, petit fours, tea sandwiches, scones, chocolates, white chocolate and raspberry layer cake and Mariage Freres tea, my favorite. Conversation, view of the East River, vintage linens from Pan Am Airlines. Super cool. Thank you, Rod and Keith.

Our super darling Elisabetta Fagiuoli of Sono Montenidoli came back to our fair city for the first time in 3 years and I know that we are richer in spirit for it. I had the opportunity to see her, but more to the point, to taste some of her beauties in back vintages that blew me away. Quality is quality, care is telling. Delicious is, well, just that. Her Foundation that she has created is one that is also a gift to us all. Bringing together people from different backgrounds, of all ages to commune, to nourish the body/mind/spirit. To offer a community of being human in the world together. Thank you, Elisabetta!!

wine glasses
wine glasses

Now, moving towards the middle of June, I am tasked with having to taste many scrumptious wines for the new wine list…sigh, such a hard knock life is mine.
I will let you know what I find that knocks me out.

I hope to have a new phone number to share soon for the space, address: 239 West Broadway. No official name yet, just CHIPANDTINANYC LLC…we will look forward to calling you when the reservation book is officially open and my pencil is sharpened. No OpenTable, no Resy, no surprise there, right?

Love to you all. Eat well, drink even better. Remember to not only take good care of yourselves, but those around you.

–Chip and Tina
Floating Fabric Blossoms from Lincoln Center
–This is a shot of our guests, Christian and Annastasia, who actually dined at Batard, not knowing that Chip has been secretly in the kitchen for the past month. And Chip ran into them on the subway. Can you believe it? Big city/small town.