March…January and February a flurry!

I do not even know how to begin. A nod again from the New York Times has left us shaking our heads in utter surprise and joy. We always felt that to be mentioned once in your career in that oh so illustrious periodical, well, that would be a gift.

And now again, allowing us a moment to remember and appreciate all of our years of focus and dedication to a craft that we call a lifestyle. The snapshots of restaurants past, always really present, as we continue to weave the area rug of our new home. Each one of those wonderful places add the layers to our puff pastry of what is really a privilege to offer to the many guests who support the style to which we become accustomed.

Okay, enough of that! But truth be told, we are thankful.

Chinatown Fish monger

How is everyone doing? Is your year kicking in as you hoped it would?? Spring peeking around every corner and then a little Winter rushing back at us just to keep us guessing.

Tribeca is proving to be super welcoming, friendly. Swinging in for their reservations and embracing the evening with eager appetites and taste buds. Fun.

And my team on the floor are doing that particular dance I love to see…graceful, efficient, welcoming, reaching each guest with their individual styles of warmth and care. Tall order. But they get it. Each one adding to our story.


Chip and I had dinner in Chinatown on the final day of the Year of the Dragon festivities at Uncle Lou’s. Cantonese. Delicious. Counting the days when we can go back. Needless to say that was the first time out in 6 weeks and it was a welcome treat.

What is on the menu? Getting geared up for a change this week. Fluke from Montauk, the caper, almond, lemon, crouton, white wine concoction spooned gently over the crispy seared goodness. Cavendish Farms Quail has been amazing, oven roasted with a stuffing of brioche, mushroom, foie gras gras and chicken liver…with les Charmes Morgon. Thank you, yes please! Wild Striped Bass, mango, cucumber, citrus, olive oil…aromatic and delightful Mountain Blanco, Malaga, could not be a more perfect mouthful.

The Venison from our friends at Millbrook Farms continues to be a hit, paired with what I call a baby Boca…Sperino Uvaggio, Sangiovese, Croatina, Vespalina blend. Crispy Sweetbreads paired magically with a Canadel Bandol Rose, but vintage! 2014.

Chef Chip Smith
Chef Chip Smith

I got in a new, kind of stinky, but melt in your mouth cheese from Germany. Washed rind, cow’s milk, Red Casanova. And yes, for Valentine’s Day. Mas Julien Blanc, 2017…to end my night (start my morning?) around 12:45 AM.

Yuzu Cream Tart. Coconut Cake enjoying it’s New York Times rave. It has always been a favorite. Caramelized Pineapple with Rhum Baba and Creme Diplomat.

I think that I am a little caught up now. Both with news to you and returning phone calls. New guests are thankfully charmed now by my prehistoric approach with book, pencil and phone.

Come by and say hello. We are thinking of you all and wish you happy meals, no pun intended, good wine and good company to enjoy it with.

Remember to always take good care of yourself and those around you.

A la prochaine…

–Chip and Tina
239 West Broadway