It's True What They Say...

Hey there! It’s true what they say…April showers bring May flowers. New York is bursting with color. RedBud trees a favorite first purple haze. Cherry Blossoms overflowing in Central Park and all along Park Avenue. Tulips, daffodils, crocus. The colors are eye-popping and glorious.
Everyone is spilling out of doors. Sitting on blankets with deli sandwiches—and what I hope is some wine in that “water bottle!” Biking all along both sides of Manhattan along the rivers. Chip bikes to work now every morning, breezing along with a sea of others. Recently, I was riding behind a couple of Nuns, with light blue and white habits, flowing breezily in the bike wind caress.
We are amazed at how our new house is also “flowering.” Guests are delightful, and new neighbors are so welcoming. It is still a work in progress, but we are getting there.

Chinatown Fish monger

Our team keeps proving to be a wonderful asset to us as well. It takes a village.

We had the most fun hosting the NYC Chapter of The International Food and Wine Society featuring the Poniente Sherries and Chip’s take on Sprench cuisine to pair…the Spanish regional foods of Jerez with his French spin.
Fino with Manchego Gougeres, Garlicky Carolina Shrimp, and Green Olive Tapenade with Boquerones during reception.
Manzanilla and Palo Cortado poured with Hake, seared and encrusted with anchovy breadcrumbs.
Oloroso with seared Duck, Spruce Ridge potatoes cooked in sherry and duck fat.
Almond Basque Cake, preserved dried fruits and citrus in cream sherry paired with a very rare and old Pedro Jimenez.
Delicious and allowing us all to travel with our taste buds and dreams of escape.


Our cultural treat was to see Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera House. The sets were remarkable, and the music was thrilling. It was as much fun to view the various degrees of finery worn by the audience as was the show. And the weather was perfect for strolling home after up Broadway.

The Rabbit on the menu was an overachiever. Chip had the thighs hanging out above his stove in a warm bath of white wine, lemon, and rabbit stock, and when he then sears it to order, it is fall-off-the-bone yummy.
Spring Lamb with the first favas and house-made ricotta gnocchi. And Sea Scallops have been perfect—firm, tender, sweet.

And the Delta green asparagus from Sacramento…with Moscato Giallo, a bite drink revelation.


Rose season is all year for me, but it is fun to anticipate the release coming our way soon. Carricante from Sicily with the Scallops. Smoky Maranges Blanc with clams and green garlic cream.
Rossesse or Tibouren Rouge, same grape, different countries, by the way…with the Rabbit.

Chip’s middle Amuse is a reduced and rich broth of tomato, fish stock, Anisette, with a single sauteed Carolina Shrimp, Arneis, thank you! Or Assyrtiko, or both.

We will continue to flesh out the interiors of the restaurant and kitchen equipment as summer settles around us. Each week, we get old things carted away and allow our vision to spread its wings. Each day it becomes more and more a feeling of home.

What do you all have going on in your ever-busy lives? Where are you eating that fills up your soul as well as your bellies? Low-end or high-end, simply enjoy it.


Until next time, we send our best thoughts to all our friends who continue to be so excited to support our crazy continuing adventure.

Take good care of yourselves and those around you.

–Chip and Tina
239 West Broadway

P.S. Did you watch the Netflix Ripley? Ooh, the scenery, the clothes! The way the camera caught images in shadow and light…Chip outside with his camera(s) as I chat with you.