November 2023

I actually think that the month of October sprouted beautiful wings and flew right over our heads!! And a magnificent and exciting October it was for us and our new, almost fully hired, team at Eulalie, the new home for me and Chip. Every week, we are able to get something more done to move us to our goals of what was in our heads when we first sat in the space and tried to figure it all out. Though I am realistic, sometimes, and know that maybe, just maybe, we will be finished by next year at this time!

Chinatown Fish monger
We have been so fortunate and flattered to have hosted a few private evenings for our guests. An amazing evening celebrating the New York City Chapter of Alumni who called Claremont McKenna their higher education home, listed this year as one of the top 30 institutions…thank you, Steven and Evan. And then a delicious evening celebrating the wines, and cuisines, of the Loire Valley for the NYC Society of the Chantepleure…thank you, Will and Ion!! Our wine glasses runneth over.

Special birthdays for our friends Claire and Robert, bringing the spirit of friends and family conversation and joy to the room. And then like a typical New York City moment, running into some of those guests while waiting in the always long line to grab a burger at The Burger Joint after a matinee on Broadway. The city is truly a small world. Speaking of Broadway, the show that our friend Susan took us to was the attention grabber Merrily We Roll Along. And great fun. Plus spending the afternoon with her.

We certainly cannot say that we are opening on the quiet side any longer. Tribeca Citizen has had her finger on the pulse the entire process of us thinking we were being invisible. Florence Fabricant gave us a nice nod in her column. And a new website, Found NY, wrote us up without my realizing that they had come in to enjoy. We really appreciate all of the helping hands and even more so, appreciate all of the efforts being made by our current guests to trek down to Tribeca and join us. All of us are still trying to discover the best route. But the absolute burst of happy that you bring to our nights is really like a dose of some miracle drug!! So keep on coming down to us and we promise that we will continue to work hard every day to bring a smile to your palates.

Chef Chip Smith

We are doing a prix fixe currently and a new thing for us to wrap our arms around. But easier for Chip to manage while training a brand new team in the kitchen. We do think that the middle snack from Chip will now never be able to go away…Quenelles of fish with Soupe au Poisson and Caviar…a tender small morsel that is his version of a palate cleanser…who needs sorbet?? And he featured a poule verte with his saddle of Lamb using swiss chard instead of a cabbage leaf (from the farm upstate that our friends the Rothschilds tend), stuffed with braised lamb and sweetbreads, paired with a 2005 Saumur Rouge, a scrumptious and fleeting bite. Their baby turnips are also amazing. Lucky are we, right?

And we are ever-changing the menu to both teach in small doses and to switch up the menu offerings to those that are already fairly weekly in their visits. Is there something you have been missing while we were sleeping for a year plus? Do let me know when you call for a table and we will feature it for that week. Fall into early Winter weather is playing games with us, but we are fine with a few random mild weather days to enjoy before those brisk winds settle in. Thanksgiving is almost here and we hope that all of you will be enjoying the company of family and friends. We will be thinking about our families and their feasts and special dishes.

As the next few weeks continue to race past us we sure hope that all of you are doing well, taking care of yourself and those around you, and looking at your datebooks to come say hello. Each one of you allows us to be who we are. Happy busy and magical Holiday Season to all.

–Chip and Tina

239 West Broadway