End of September…really October!!


I would like to sneak in under the radar of dates so that I do not miss my September offering of news, but I guess I would be only fooling myself!! Because, oh my goodness, it really is October already.

What a treat we have had these past few weeks of quietly, and underground, welcoming some of or supportive guests down to the new “home” that holds all of Chip and mine attentions. Of course, we are completely immersed in working on the project to best be the spot that will still capture tastebuds and hearts! I call it a work in progress. Sometimes a place can open fully formed like a beautiful piece of art, and then, like us, it takes time and patience to do just the right thing. Discover the personal touches. Find the right art, piece of furniture…have patience to tear the bar down to make one more intimate and precious. Oh, you know how we are. Like Goldilocks and her three bears. We want it to be “just right.”

Chinatown Fish monger

But a well loved and thought out project does take time. And the moments of discovery. I am constantly reminded of Pres Eugenie, in Eugenie les Bains. And though it is beyond a fantasy of elegance, you can tell that it evolved over time, created by memories of travels and “finds…”

We are attempting the patience to do the same. Let the organic process unfold. Afterall, as I always have said, it is you, the guest, that is really our decor, our ultimate energy. So do come down to Tribeca and see us. Tell us what you think of this new adventure and catch us up on what has been happening in your lives. Add to the spirit of our space.

Chip is presenting some of the favorites for all to enjoy. And we just now got another kitchen team member so now he has two beautiful people to assist in the magic.
Terrines are shining as a bit of a snack to whet the appetite, Savory tart (thank you!), Soupe au Poisson with quenelles of fish mousse and caviar is a serious spoonful of love, Cheese Souffles, Duck of course, his Flounder, Saddle of Lamb, Lemon Tart, Plum Tart, Marjolaine, and finally, an appearance of the Coconut Cake. I can tell you that Recioto di Soave still can rock your world with a bite of that cake! And the bread, we so love the bread. Isn’t it just the best thing that in a city with an ocean of wonderful bakers that Chip’s bread somehow carries it’s own energy? Thank you to everyone who is supporting this new journey and enjoying the little “soft” opening.

Eulalie had the pleasure of our first private functions and they were a blast.We celebrated Romy’s birthday on a Saturday night, passed hors d’oeuvres, Champagne, wine, cocktails and good friends celebrating.And an absolute blowout function for YPO. Chip outdid himself with a week of prepping delicious bites and we decided to add the Arts to the overall celebratory feel of the season to come. Brooklyn United with a Drumline kicked it off on the sidewalk, and Art Bath added to the festivities with Spider Horse performing and then a violinist from the Met Opera, Quianwen Shen, with dancers weaving through the room. P.S. go to Art Bath!! It is a new force to be reckoned with in the old guard salon style presentation of talent.

Chef Chip Smith

My team in the dining room are making me feel so comfortable I wonder if I am needed?! But, I always had a talented and thoughtful staff to carry me through the evening. I am grateful to all of them. We know it takes a proverbial village to do what we hope to continue to do.

The weather is turning to that time that always makes me want to ride in the car with the windows down and my head leaning out to catch the cool breezes. A drive Upstate, or out East to see the cooling ocean’s rolling waves. Hoping to find a farmer along the way selling amazing things so that we can feature it in the next weeks. Or an antique market with just that thing I knew I was searching for, right?

The NY Times, Florence Fabricant, was kind enough to give us a little shout out and the Tribeca Citizen took an incredible picture from outside that made me say, “hey, that is a pretty room, where is that restaurant??”

More to come as we swing into action and begin the new cycle of not sleeping. But, hey, life is a joy, filled with family and friends, great food and sensational wines to go with it…sure would hate to miss it.

–Chip and Tina

Remember, always take good care of yourself and those around you.