August 2023

As August finds its finishing days, we here in Tribeca are finishing up our changes to the Dining Room, getting our new “home” ready to receive you, the real spirit of our space.

Chip and I are so over the moon at the results our Contractor Waylan, his team and our wonderful Electricians, Merlin and Charles were able to accomplish for us in such an abbreviated amount of time, giving new meaning to the phrase “in a New York minute…”
We count our continued good luck in how all of this is coming together. Chip still needing to tweak some of the kitchen equipment, not to mention, finding a full staff, and we have so much wall space that is begging for serious artwork.  We are excited to be able to have our Photos from Elizabeth Matheson to hang and our friend Will Helburn is doing us the honor of allowing us the use of his dad’s incredible work.  A more than beautiful beginning.

Chinatown Fish monger
tar-tatin onion tart

We have been in “tech and dress rehearsals” a couple of nights here and there and so far those that come to experience have been bringing that ingredient to us that finishes the show…joy, good company, laughter, the love of cuisine and wine and the overall joie de vivre that we all get filled up by.


Some of your favorites have been staged: Lobster Ravioli, Savory Tart with Sunny Side up Egg, Goat Cheese Souffle…Shoulder of Lamb, Poulet Rouge Chicken (thank you North Carolina!) vinegar basted with a fresh sausage of thigh and Swiss Chard, Fresh Tenderloin of Beef with Vidalia Onion Tart Tatin,  Duck with Pickled Peaches, Flounder with capers, crouton, almonds, brown butter and lemon…Lemon Cream Tart, Pavlova, Marjolaine.

I am just now beginning to deep dive into the Wine Selection. Not a bad chore to be on my plate, or in my glass!

Tribeca has succeeded in capturing the heart of the Chef, that is for sure. He and his camera are out wandering around when he has the time and really soaking up the historic atmosphere that is so what New York City in the early days was. All we need is a Farmer’s Market to complete that almost in a small Village in France feeling.

Chinatown Fish monger
location Tribeca

Ellen Lieber, one of our most fabulous guests, commented on the stream of memories and stories that we gather around us, ones shared by guests and their adventures and travels. I thought maybe I should add this as a requirement when making a reservation…you know, added to the please put your phone in hibernation while dining, dress for dinner like you are auditioning for Mad Men, come prepared to share a story. For us here at the new and darling Eulalie, it only continues to add to chapters of our story. One we are lucky to keep telling.

Can’t wait to see you…

–Chip and Tina

chipandtinanyc…now adding Tribeca to our continued glorious adventure

Ajo Blanco (crazy Spanish White Gazpacho...addictive!)

ajo blanco